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Stonclad UR, Overcoming the Limitations of PU Floor for Food Processing Facility
“Thai-German Meat Products (TGM) was founded in October...”
Steel Walkways (Union Pacific Railroad)
“fibergrate - Used as a walkway in the construction. Corrosion resistant and UV Protection, High Strength to weight .”
Walkways and Handrails (Cargill Salt Processing Plant)
“ Fibergrate’s Vi-Corr® molded grating. In addition, Vi-Corr® molded grating was also installed in the loading platforms. Dynarail® FRP...
Boat Dock (Horseshoe Lake)
“ The dock was fabricated using Fibergrate’s AquaGrate® pultruded T1210 grating and structural shapes as well as a ladder...
Stonfil OP2, Key to Success of Epoxy and PU Floor in High Moisture Areas
“Ueno Group is one of Japan’s leaders in the food additive and...”
Maintenance Walkways (Veteran’s Memorial Bridge)
" Fibergrate - FRP grating take great care in upgrading the bridge. Two steel maintenance walkways running the length...
Walkways, Ladders and Handrails (ABI Power Station)
“Fibergrate was able to fabricate a non-conductive maintenance platform system for the power station. The engineering firm chose to...
Boardwalk (Nautica Condominiums)
“Fibergrate’s Rigidex® II has an open area of 46% and exceeds guidelines set forth by the Army Corp of engineers...
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