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FRP Grating Platform ( Seagate Technologies )
“Fibergate - FRP Grating Platform Clean Room Qualified corrosion resistant, Low resistance, Electric and non-conductive heat and Can be...
Platform & FRP Handrail (Cyclone Speedway – Ontario Place)
“Fibergrate - High quality fiberglass mesh from USA, strong resistance, easy to install, use as platform grating and FRP...
Walking Surface (Vehicle Maintenance Facility)
“Fibergrate - Used as a FRP Grating. Close inspection holes for car repair areas. Safety, lightweight, corrosion resistant. And...
Platforms, Cross-over Stiles, Stair Treads (Foods Factory)
“Fibergrate Highly flexible Helps to distribute pressure and impact on the foot. Reduce the fatigue of long hours to...
Dock & lift for boats (Green Turtle Cay Dock & Lift)
“the EcoGrateTM molded grating product using the Corvex® resin with aqua grit top surface, which is barefoot friendly. FRP’s...
Drainage Walkway (Flint Hills Resources)
“walkway over existing track pans in the North Pole refinery’s fuel car loading zone where operators perform loading duties...
FRP Grating Walkway Platform (Great Plains Coca-Cola Bottling Company)
“Fibergrate is not slippery, flexible. Reduce the fatigue of longevity. Increase productivity And the safety of the staff is...
FRP Grating Walkways, Grating Support (Henry Doorly Zoo)
"Fibergrate - FRP Grating Use as walkways is Benefits Corrosion resistant,slip resistant, low maintenance and long service life.”
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