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Walking Surfaces (Texas Metal Finishers)
“Fibergrate Vi-Corr fiberglass reinforced grating which was installed around the tanks used in the plating process, grating walkway in...
Platform in Aquarium (Silverton Hotel and Casino)
"Fibergrate’s covered grating was used to construct a ramp leading to the tank’s service platform. Aqua Grate® T1215 pultruded...
Walkways and Tank Covers (Carwash Tunnel)
“Fibergrate In the car wash area”
Wastewater Treatment Plant (Swirl Concentrators)
“Fibergrate - Provide corrosion resistance in the harshest environments and chemical , Molded Grating, Dynarail handrail, Dynaform Structural Supports...
Vent Covers and Trench Covers (Cedar Square Shopping Centre)
“The newly finished Cedar Square Shopping Centre is located in the fast growing Fourways district...”
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