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Floor Coating

  • Stoneclad
  • Stonlux
  • Stonshield
  • Stonblend
  • Stonrez
  • Stontec
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Colour and Texture

For actual color, please contact our sales engineer to see flooring


Product Description

The look and feel of stained concrete with the performance features of a tough, industrial
floor. An urban and chic mottled appearance designers and planners love.

Uses and Applications

Healthcare, Education, General Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Vivariums, Food Processing, Research, Correctional
Stonglaze VSD: Wall system designed for use on drywall surfaces. This system is reinforced with an engineering fabric for enhanced mechanical strength.
Stonglaze VSE: A multi-layer, liquid-applied, flexible urethane wall system for sterile environments. Can stand up to rigorous conditions.
Stonglaze VSF: High performance, high solids, high gloss, pigmented wall system formulated to provide long-term protection to vertical surfaces with a flake/tweed appearance.
Stonglaze VSI: An epoxy wall coating reinforced with a micro-fiberglass additive for extra protection against cracking and chipping.
Stonglaze VSM: A three-component, 100% solids, epoxy wall surfacing material that forms an impact and chemical resistant mortar.
Stonglaze VSR: A high performance, high solids, high gloss, pigmented wall system with a hard,smooth, tile-like finish.

Written by Veerawan Katanyuvivad