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Floor Coating

  • Stoneclad
  • Stonlux
  • Stonshield
  • Stonblend
  • Stonrez
  • Stontec
cooler room

Colour and Texture

For actual color, please contact our sales engineer to see flooring

Clad-BrickRed Clad-Charcoal Clad-DesertTan Clad-Mint Clad-Pewter Clad-Sage Clad-SilverGrey Clad-Slate Clad-SteelGray Clad-TealBlue

Product Description

Epoxy and urethane floor protection for heavy-duty environments. Chemical, abrasion and impact
resistant. Color palette makes it versatile enough for less industrial areas too

Uses and Applications

Stonclad GS: General service, high performance epoxy mortar system.
Stonclad GR: General service epoxy mortar system that utilizes recycled glass and rapidly renewable soy based components.

Stonclad G2: General service urethane mortar system utilizing recycled glass and formulated specially
for food and beverage industry.

Stonclad HT: Ultra corrosion resistant epoxy mortar system that can withstand thermal shock and
thermal cycling.

Stonclad UT: Troweled polyurethane, textured mortar system designed to withstand thermal shock and
thermal cycling.

Stonclad XP: Conductive elements in an epoxy mortar system for static control and non-sparking

Stonclad UR: Polyurethane mortar system designed for rapid installation for fast-track projects.

Stonclad UL: Self-leveling, polyurethane mortar system, designed for dry food processing areas and
other quick turn industrial applications

Written by Veerawan Katanyuvivad