949 Supplies - Industrial Flooring Experts & Thailand's Official Supplier of Stonhard and FRP grating

About 949

Applicator of Stonhard floor in Thailand

949 Supplies imports Stonhard flooring materials, gives consultancy service for customers
who have flooring problems and provides industrial floor installation and maintenance
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949 Supplies maintain Stonhard’s installation quality. We pay attention to the engineering
details. Wide range of flooring products are available to solve customer’s problems. 949
Supplies focuses on giving long term solution and recommending the right flooring
systems. We adopted Stonhard’s Single Source Warranty which covers both materials and
Since 1994 over 600,000 sqm of Stonhard floors have been installed for leading
manufacturers in food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and general
manufacturing industry.
Today 949 Supplies has 80 million baht annual workload. We have site engineers and
technical sales working together with 40 installation crews.
Distributor of Fibergrate FRP Gratings Thailand

949 Supplies imports and sells Fibergrate FRP gratings in Thailand. FRP gratings and FRP
structures have been used widely in corrosive environment including some production
areas, seaside, and cooling towers.
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949 Supplies offers consultancy, design, and fabrication service for customers wish to
replace traditional metal grating and structures with FRP materials to eliminate corrosion
Civil Maintenance Service for Manufacturing Facilities

949 Supplies is part of Triarchy Group, a general contractor specialized in the construction
of factory buildings, we have civil engineers and foremen who are familiar with construction
works and regulations within the
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Manufacturing environment. Today 949 Supplies has
expanded our service to include the civil maintenance works in the factories such as
building expansion, area renovation, and demolition.


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