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Floor Coating

  • Stoneclad
  • Stonlux
  • Stonshield
  • Stonblend
  • Stonrez
  • Stontec
Food and Beverage Stonshield MRT_lg

Colour and Texture

For actual color, please contact our sales engineer to see flooring


Product Description

Safe, easy-to-clean floor systems with design flexibility in a myriad of patterns and textures for light
manufacturing and commercial environments.

Uses and Applications

Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education, Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Supermarkets, Entertainment,
Stonshield HRI: Textured, decorative epoxy mortar system that stands up to heavy loads.
Stonshield SLT: Textured, decorative epoxy system for light-duty environments.
Stonshield URT: Textured, decorative urethane system for light-duty environments.
Stonshield ATS: Textured conductive epoxy floor with static-control properties.
Stonshield UTS: Polyurethane polyaspartic textured system that resists thermal shock and thermal
Stonshield Xpress: A textured methyl methacrylate resin-based system with rapid installation time.

Written by Veerawan Katanyuvivad