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Floor Coating

  • Stoneclad
  • Stonlux
  • Stonshield
  • Stonblend
  • Stonrez
  • Stontec


Colour and Texture

For actual color, please contact our sales engineer to see flooring

Dakota-Bronze-lg Diablo-Beige-lg Falls-River-lg Glacier-Peak-lg Ivory-Crest-lg Mojave-Beige-lg Santa-Cruz-lg Shenandoah-lg Silver-Sage-lg Smokey-Mountains-lg

Product Description

Dense, stain resistant, epoxy and urethane based systems in an extensive range of flake
finishes and color options. Popular with design teams for applications from pharma labs to
university concourses.

Uses and Applications

Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Public
Spaces, Research
Stontec ERF: Epoxy flake floor system applied with minimum installation time.
Stontec TRF: Urethane flake floor system designed for maximum durability and impact
Stontec UTF: High-gloss, urethane-based system with superior chemical and wear
resistance capabilities.
Stontec Xpress: Methyl methacrylate resin-based system with minimum installation time,
available in a low-gloss finish.

Written by Veerawan Katanyuvivad